About Us

Dover Highlands Village Cluster Homes

is the first development that consists of 58 homes on Grey Drive, Latimer, Ridley, and Catmere Drive in Medina, OH.

Dover Highlands Village Cluster Homes
is a deed restricted community
with a with a Declaration of Easements, Covenants

and Restrictions which include the By-Laws.

Dover Highlands Village Cluster Homes is managed by
a Board of Homeowner Trustees.

Maintaining Our Neighborhood

Trees and Shrubs – Trees and shrubs must be trimmed to
allow safe passage for walkers.
Lamp posts – All lamp posts need to be kept in working condition at all times. (These lamps act as our Village ‘street lights’). Freshly paint black as needed.
Landscaping – Owners shall maintain all visible landscape areas in a clean, neat and weed-free condition. All dead and dying plants/trees must be replaced. Grass may not exceed 4 inches in height and is to be fertilized on a regular basis. Sweep up grass clippings to avoid any debris from entering the storm drains.
Mailboxes – All mailboxes need to be kept in good appearance and working order. All mailboxes must be painted white. Each individual home is responsible for upkeep of their own mailbox.
Mailboxes can be purchased at Home Depot. Brand: Architectural Mailboxes Style: MB2 Size: Large Color: White

Pets –

  1. Household pets must be on a leash when outside of the homeowner’s dwelling if not otherwise confined within a fenced in backyard. Pets may not be staked or left unattended in members’ yards.
  2. All pet owners are responsible to clean up and dispose of any waste materials left by their animals. They are also responsible for any damages caused by their pets to the common areas or personal property of others

Safety Information

25 MPH Speed Limit
Stop Signs are posted for a reason! If you see something — say something!

Emergency Services Contact Information 

Medina Police Department – (330)-725-7777

Lafayette Fire Department – (330) 722-4965

HOA Forms